‘Paranormal Witness’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap: Man in the Attic

As the second season of Paranormal Witness opens, the viewer visits San Pedro California. The events took place between 1988 and 1990.

Jackie Hernandez is a young mother of a 2-year-old with another child on the way. The show starts out with her between 6 and 7 months pregnant. She has separated from her husband but their relationship is amicable. He visits their son and then later their daughter when he wishes.

Jackie attends school in the hopes of getting her degree. She has moved into a small house with her son. It seems fine at first and she makes friends with the neighbor girl who often babysits for her.

Within a few weeks of moving into the house strange noises start. At first it’s harmless; the sound like pebbles being dropped in the wall or a high-pitched sound. One night Jackie follows the sound and notices that the trap door to the attic is open, something she would never do. As she climbs up to close it she starts to think that she isn’t alone in the house.

While her friend Susan is visiting, there is a loud noise from the kitchen. They go in to the kitchen to find that one of the pictures that had hung on the wall was now propped on the sink and the two nails holding it were on the table, standing on their heads side by side.

Not long after that, neighbor Tina Lawler is babysitting. When she goes to check on the little boy the door opens for her. She enters the room and shuts the door behind her. After checking on the child she turns to leave the room and again the door opens for her. She passes this off as the floor not being level or the house being older.

Tina and Jackie are cooking something and chatting when Jackie notices balls of light floating near the ceiling of the kitchen. She points it out to Tina who can also see it. Jackie takes several photos of the lights before the camera stops working. She hands the camera to Tina who tries to take a photo out the kitchen window. When she does she sees the face of a man and runs out of the house.

Jackie tells her ex-husband Al about the problems in the house. He disregards the problems as a plea for attention. He calls out the spirit in the house because he doesn’t believe there is anything there. When nothing happens he leaves. Jackie is looking for something in the closet as soon as he leaves and all over the walls the name ‘AL’ has been written in blue and red ink.

Jackie would have moved but couldn’t afford to do so. Susan suggested that she tell someone and shortly afterwards the opportunity presented itself. Jackie and Susan were taking a walk and ran into the landlord. Susan told the landlord what was going on and they suggested having a priest visit. Jackie agrees but the visit doesn’t go well. The priests are skeptical of her claims and seem to feel that she is bringing the problems on herself. They report possible drug use to the authorities which prompts a visit from a social worker. Jackie decides to never mention anything again because she fears what will happen if she does.

She comes home from grocery shopping to find that the alphabet magnets on her refrigerator spell “get the hell out.” Jackie and her kids all sleep in the same room so she can better protect them. One night she hears a sound coming from the bedrooms and goes to check only to find a man sitting on the bottom bunk of the bed in her son’s bedroom.

Susan recommends that Jackie call in a parapsychologist and gives Jackie the number to contact one. Jackie puts the number away because she is afraid to tell anyone.

Jackie is doing the dishes when she sees her hands covered with blood. As she looks around she finds blood coming out of the cabinets, appliances and everywhere else. Jackie immediately calls the parapsychologist.

The parapsychologist arrives with a team who interview Jackie and when she tells them that the problems seem to come from the attic. Some of the team is skeptical and when the lights go out and then come back on they decide to look in the attic. The most skeptical of the group ventures into the attack and has his camera ripped from his hands.

Al, who is visiting the children, is with the children when he hears a voice whisper in his ear “tell them to get the hell out of here.” Then he hears the team moving in the attic.

The photographer who lost his camera has to go back into the attic to get it. He goes up with another cameraman. The video camera doesn’t work in the attic. The lost camera is found and the team leaves the house.

Jackie remains in the house until a few weeks later when the presence attacks her as she is resting. While laying down she feels someone trying to suffocate her. After the attack abates she calls the parapsychologist team again and they rush to try to help her. They enter the house and go up to the attack where the presence attacks a member of their team nearly killing him. They leave the house with Jackie and her children that night. Jackie never returned to the house. Paranormal Witness has no explanation of the events that took place.

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