‘Paranormal Witness’ Season 2, Episode 9 Recap: The Abduction

Travis Walton vanished without a trace for 5 days back in 1975. This episode of Paranormal Witness covers those events in thrilling detail.

Walton was working with a group of loggers near Snowflake, Arizona in 1975. On the evening of November 5th, 1975, Walton and his crew had finished up a long day of clearing scrub trees from the logging site and were headed back to town. The 7 men saw a light coming from the woods and decided to look into it, initially thinking it might be a forest fire but discounting that due to a lack of smoke.

As the truck neared the source of the light, all the men saw an object that was solid, metallic and hovering above the ground. They describe it as beautiful. One of the men even described the struts of the framework that were clearly visible. The truck stopped and Travis decided to get out for a closer look.

Travis approached the object and was hit by a blinding light that lifted him in the air and he vanished from sight. The other men panicked and fled the scene in the truck. They stopped a few miles away and the driver told the others that they had to go back. The other men were certain that Travis was dead, but the driver of the truck was also his best friend; he at least wanted to retrieve the body. The men returned to the scene by Travis and the object were both gone.

The men decided to call in the police who didn’t believe them. The police thought it was some sort of prank and that the men had been drinking. After determining that the men were all sober the police decided that the act was to cover up a crime. Nevertheless, the police sent out a search party to look for Travis. He was not found.

After 3 days the police, who are convinced that these men killed Travis and are attempting to cover up his murder, arrange for the men to take polygraph tests. The men take and pass the tests on the 5th day Travis has been missing.

Several hours after the men pass the polygraph tests Travis calls home and asks someone to come and pick him up. He tells his family that “they brought me back.” He goes on to corroborate the story the other men have told. He is also given a polygraph exam and passes.

All of the men were retested in the late 1990s. They all passed.

What is especially interesting about this episode of Paranormal Witness is one omission. In 2009, Travis Walton appeared on a reality show in the US. He was given another polygraph exam before the show. He failed.

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