Parental Preferences: What do you want your kids to call you?

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Here's a question for all the parents (or grandparents) out there:  What do you like your kids to call you?

I prefer "Mama" though from my daughter I've been hearing "Mommy" more often.  I don't know if I'll like being called "Mom" though I think that will happen once they reach a certain age.

My husband is called "Daddy" right now.

My parents prefer "Mamaw" and "Poppy" and Dave's mom goes with "Grandma"

 Dave's aunt's grandchildren call her "Bane".   I think that came from a mispronunciation of Grandma and just stuck.

What do you prefer to be called?  Do you think it has to do with what you called your parents or grandparents?  Did you decide what you wanted to be called before your kids were born, or did you just let whatever come out be?

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