Parents of Lauren Spierer Break Silence

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The parents of Lauren Spierer broke their silence in an interview with sources regarding their decisions to hire a private investigator. While there are no official updates in the 20-year-old student’s disappearance, the family is keeping her name in the headlines.

The parents of missing IU student Lauren Spierer are still struggling every day with the woman’s disappearance. They are still frustrated with the friends of the missing woman, who are refusing to speak with them. With so much confusion in this case, it is absolutely frustrating that there are people who knew the young woman that are not cooperating. This girl has been missing since June 3rd, and there haven’t been many clues since her disappearance. Why?

Could Lauren have wandered off drunk with a dangerous stranger on June 3, 2011? The last time she was reportedly seen, she was wandering home barefooted and drunk. However, witness reports and surveillance footage shows the woman so inebriated that she couldn’t stand on her own. It’s also been speculated that she could have died of a cocaine overdose that night, and her friends could be covering it up to avoid revealing their unlawful activities. The police in Bloomington, Indiana, have even acknowledged this as a credible theory.

This holiday season, it’s hopeful to retain a sense of hope that Lauren Spierer will be found safe and alive. However, the Bloomington police really need to get into gear in investigating what happened to the young woman. It’s ridiculous that there hasn’t been an official update in so long.

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