PARIS 1926.

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After months watching
Her walk through the
Office, seeing her walk
By your desk, standing

Next to her in the lift,
Smelling her perfume,
Studying each aspect
Of her profile, watching

How she walked, how
She did her hair, and
Finally building up the
Courage to speak to her,

You cannot believe that
She has now come into
Monsieur Paon’s office
While he is out for a short

Meeting and sits herself
On your lap and puts her
Arms around you. Elise,
She says, just us now,

And kisses your lips.
You look around fearing
Someone will enter the
Office and see her there.

But she doesn’t care.
She kisses you again.
You breathe in deeply,
Put your arms around

Her waist and squeeze
Her to you. She likes that,
It makes her eyes close
Like some toy doll you

Once had as a child. She
Breathes in your ear, softly
Says things, words filter
Into you. If Monsieur Paon

Came in now he’d choke
On his phlegm, pop his eyes.
She wriggles on your lap,
You feel something move

Within you, an urge, a deep
Feeling of want. She moves
Closer to you and kisses your
Neck. Tonight? She asks, I

Know a small café we can
Drink and smoke and talk
And then maybe…you nod,
Taking in her eyes, and then

The door handle moves and
She jumps up and tidies her
Hair and smoothes down her
Dress and Monsieur Paon

Enters engaged in thought,
Just brought a message for
Elise, Fifi says, smiling,
Grabbing up the papers she

Had placed on the desk,
Brushing a hand through
Her hair, he standing, smiling,
Blushing, just nonplussed there.

She goes. What a beautiful
Behind, what a fine figure,
God pity those you cannot
See this, God pity the blind.

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