Paris Hilton Friends With Lindsay Lohan Again

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Paris Hilton has buried her hatchet and rekindled her friendship with troubled Lindsay Lohan. The two, who used to be seen out together enjoying Los Angeles’ nightlife regularly, drifted apart in recent years when Lindsay Lohan’s drug and alcohol problems got out of control. Now it seems that the pair is again joining forces to invade the Hollywood hotspots and recapture the paparazzi limelight.

As reported by TMZ, Paris Hilton met up with Lindsay Lohan for dinner on Thursday night. They had such a good time that they hugged each other goodbye at the end, right in front of the paparazzi cameras. This well-publicized reunion follows their more low-key partying in Malibu last weekend.

Is this really a friendship or mere publicity stunt? Recently, Paris Hilton famously walked off a “Good Morning America” interview after the reporter brought up the low ratings of her reality show, “The World According to Paris,” and asked whether she was worried that she was past her prime. Perhaps being 30 years old, without a boyfriend and a show that hasn’t brought in the viewers that she hoped for has prompted her to create more publicity and a possible story line with Lindsay Lohan. Instead of helping Brooke Mueller with her addictions on “The World According to Paris,” she can move on to bigger-star Lindsay Lohan. Considering all of Lindsay Lohan’s legal troubles, at least Paris Hilton will be a somewhat good influence.

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