Paris Jackson is a Big Chris Brown Fan

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Paris Jackson recently showed just how much she loves Chris Brown at one of his concerts.

It’s very obvious that Chris really wants to be like Michael Jackson. He emulates the King of Pop through his dance moves and he has paid tribute to MJ multiple times — he tried to be like Mike at the 2010 BET Awards, and he recently performed at the Michael Jackson tribute concert via video. He’s also had a brush with the law like Michael, although his crime was quite different than those MJ was accused of.

In fact, Rihanna recently reminded everyone of Chris Brown’s crime by reenacting their infamous fight in her new video “We Found Love,” something Paris Jackson might want to see before she gets too crazy in love with Brown.

In the vid Rihanna and her rumored boyfriend Dudley O’Shaughnessy seem to have a good time together before things take an ugly turn — they take drugs, get drunk, and get in a screaming match. It’s fairly obvious that RiRi was trying to show how toxic her relationship with Brown was in the “We Found Love” video.

However, Brown’s violent past didn’t stop Paris Jackson from showing her love for him at a concert in Los Angeles. Michael’s 13-year-old daughter sat in the front row at the concert, dancing and screaming Chris’ name. At one point she even made a heart shape with her hands to show how much she adores Chris. She later tweeted to Brown about the experience: “AMAZING Show Tonight!! You Were Outstanding!!” And she just couldn’t praise him enough, because she later tweeted, “Blew my MIND!!!!” i was in the front & it was just like, mind-blowing!!! hahaha! Amazing, mindblowing, outstanding, crazy, like… indescribable lol.”

So should a teen girl like Paris really be allowed to attend a Chris Brown concert? It kind of sounds like she worships the ground the guy walks on, and he’s not exactly the best role model — what parent would want their daughter praising a guy who has beat up a woman?

Poor Paris has already had a rough enough life with losing her father, and it’s kind of sad that she seems to be looking up to a man like Chris as a male role model now that he’s gone. So what do you think — is Paris’ love of Brown a bad thing?

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