Paris Jackson Loves Justin Bieber – Watch Out, Selena Gomez!

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Justin Bieber was introduced to the crowd by Paris Jackson at the Michael Jackson tribute concert, and she’s got plenty of love for the Biebs! So should Selena Gomez be worried?

Michael’s 13-year-old daughter was given an honor that other teen girls would absolutely die for — she got to introduce the Biebs at her father’s tribute concert. She showered Justin with praise, pointing out that he and M.J. are similar because they both became famous at a young age. She also stated that Michael would have loved to have been the Biebs’ mentor.

But is Paris really a Belieber? Before Justin walked on the stage, she said this: “We are all very big fans of him and his music – I know I am – so everyone please welcome Justin Bieber!” Paris Jackson had a bit of a coy smile on her face when she said that she’s a fan of Justin, but Selena Gomez probably shouldn’t worry too much – Paris might be a little more famous than Justin’s other teen fans, but she’s still way too young for him. After all, the Biebs is going to become an 18-year-old adult very soon. Plus Paris seems to be more into Justin’s bad boy BFF – the King of Pop’s daughter was spotted having a really good time at a Chris Brown concert last year.

It’s amazing how well-adjusted Paris Jackson seems considering her crazy life, but Justin has also done a good job staying out of trouble – at least his fame and money hasn’t turned him into the next Lindsay Lohan just yet.

It would certainly be interesting to know if Justin Bieber talked to Michael Jackson’s daughter after the tribute – he could actually be a good mentor to Paris Jackson. Just like him, she’s trying to break into the movie biz, so perhaps he could give her a few pointers on how to handle fame.

You can check out Paris introducing Justin below.

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