Paris Jackson Morphs into Miley Cyrus—What Would Michael Say?

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Paris Jackson is growing up fast. And it looks like she’s growing into a Miley Cyrus clone. Yes, Michael Jackson’s little girl has cut and dyed her hair to resemble the Party in the USA singer’s new short blonde pixie/pompadour ‘do. What would MJ say?

What the late King of Pop would or wouldn’t say is, sadly, irrelevant. Plus, with all due respect, Michael Jackson sported some pretty strange looks himself over the years. As for Paris, her new ‘do is more pixie and less pompadour than La Cyrus. Also it’s less garishly bleached than Miley’s almost cartoonish blonde on blonde coif. Paris’ hair color, while a far cry from her natural brown, has actually been dyed a much lighter, sandy-brown color and softly streaked with lighter, golden blonde highlights. And while it’s asymmetrically cut like Miley’s, it’s a trifle longer—especially on the left side. In fact, it’s reminiscent of Kate Gosselin’s old ‘do from back in the day. The most shocking thing about La Jackson’s transformation is actually the amount of hair hacked off. Miley Cyrus’ hair was shoulder length at most before she decided to do her chop job. Paris’ hair cascaded past her shoulders down her back, and she sported long bangs besides. That’s a major change.

Oh well, you can see before and after pics of Paris Jackson by clicking here. It seems she’s also decided to suddenly go heavy on the black eye make-up. Go figure.

Note: Is chasing Miley Cyrus becoming the new fad? Justin Bieber’s lady-love Selena Gomez also did a Miley Cyrus recently—with a bong. Yikes.

Photo source: E! Online

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