Paris Jackson Reveals She’s a Victim of Bullying (Video)

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Now that Paris Jackson is no longer being home schooled, she has a problem familiar to teens everywhere. She’s being bullied at school. Poor Paris. Her late father, Michael Jackson must be turning over in his grave. In her recent interview with Oprah Winfrey, Paris revealed that although the girls at her posh private school try to bully her, “it doesn’t work.”

Although La Jackson didn’t volunteer what she meant by her schoolmates’ bullying “not working,” she went on to explain that she learned a valuable lesson from her dad, the King of Pop. Although she’s only 14 years old, Paris is already sufficiently savvy in the ways of the world and human nature that she can tell right away when people are trying to use her.

“If I feel someone is being fake to me,” she explained, “I will just push away.”

It’s a good thing that Paris Jackson learned the hard lessons about the duplicity and unreliability inherent in human nature early so that she can be prepared for the often harsh realities of the world.

More power to her. And take that, bullies!

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