Paris Jackson Talks Michael Jackson on Oprah

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Paris Jackson already talked about her life with Oprah, but the show doesn’t air on OWN until Sunday. At that point, the daughter of the late, great Michael Jackson will discuss her famous dad some three years after his death.

Although this is a tough subject for the teen, it is an inevitable one since all of her father’s millions of fans are keen to know anything about or referring to the King of Pop since his untimely passing in 2009.

Paris told the Queen of Talk that “it never gets easier” when thinking about her dad. That’s not surprising. It’s hard for any child, especially a young one, to deal with the loss of a parent. And to be reminded of a parent who is legendary has to be even worse since the subject likely comes up on a daily basis.

That said, Jackson seems to be growing up to be a lovely young lady. In the promos for her turn on Oprah’s Next Chapter, she seems to illustrate plenty of poise as well as a kind and giving nature. She doesn’t seem to be the shy girl who told her beloved daddy only three years ago while the whole world watched during his memorial that he was “the best daddy in the world.”

That said, the 14-year-old Paris Jackson will have her interview air on Oprah’s OWN network on Sunday at 9 p.m., ET. Will you be watching the daughter of the King of Pop talk to the Queen of Talk about her life after the death of her famous father? Please weigh in.

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