Paris Out of Jail — Updated

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Well, so much for justice equally administered. Paris Hilton was apparently released from jail last night. I heard something on the radio yesterday that her psychiatrist had gone to the jail because she was crying. At the time I figured they would find a way to let her go so she didn't have to serve her time.

This special treatment really bothers me. A close friend of mine was arrested on charges simiar to those Paris was charged on. Close enough to be nearly identical. She served her full 45 days, plus 45 more on house arrest and work-release. Ms. Hilton serves three days and is out.

I'm sure that they will claim some sort of medical reason, but the bottom line is that someone caved and let her out. Now she doesn't just suspect, but knows that the law is different if you have enough money than if you're poor, even for the same crimes. I'm really disgusted about this.  

Just in: She was released because she didn't like the food being served in the jail. She's now on house arrest for 45 days.  


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