Parker’s Birth Story

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It has taken me so long to sit and type this up, that some of the memories are foggy, especially of the first couple of days in the hospital.

On Monday the 16th I had a doctors appointment, and he told me I still hadn’t had much change in my cervix, and he wanted me in the hospital the next day to begin an induction.

Well, after that things started moving too fast.

I got to the hospital at 4pm, and after a fairly long wait in triage I was taken to a room where I was given something to help “ripen” my cervix.  It looked like a long white string and was inserted next to my cervix.

Then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

I thought that was going to be left in the whole night, and that I would be started on Pitocin the next morning, but they started me on the Pitocin around 1am that morning.

Hubby is miserable, having worked all day then gone straight to the hospital, he’s exhausted and hungry and all that good stuff.  He left, thinking he’d spend the night at home, only to have us call him and say they had started the Pitocin and we have no clue how fast or slow it might work, so he had to come back.

Well, it worked SLOWLY.  Other than making me hurt….a lot.

I eventually dilated to about 3cm and no further.

Then Dr. Jackson decided to break my water for me.  I think that in itself was the most painful thing of the whole birthing process!

After that the nurses kept coming in and putting me in different positions trying to make the baby start dropping, but he wasn’t cooperating.

Meanwhile, around 4: 30pm Dr. Jackson comes in and says there has still been no change, I’m still at 3cm and Parker still isn’t moving so….

He decided to do a c-section.  He barely gave Robert time to get on a suit and come with me!

The c-section wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.  About time Robert got in the delivery room they had already started and in no time Parker was with us.

At 4:35 when he was born Parker was 7 pounds 11 oz when he was born and 20.5 inches long.

Robert left with the nurses and him to go meet Gramma and I fell asleep while they finished fishing whatever else out of me and stitching me up.

I was disappointed in having to have had a c-section, thinking it would make it hard for me to take care of Parker.

The first night in the hospital they kept Parker in the nursery and brought him to me at feeding times.  I was breast-feeding, and that first night went smoothly.

The next morning they rolled him into my room to stay, and then things went badly.

He hardly ate at all that day, and didn’t eat anything at all the next night.  The next day we kept trying to breast-feed.  He would not latch on.  Even with constant help and coaching from the lactation nurse he wouldn’t feed.

He kept losing precious ozs and was jaundiced and very, very unhappy.

Finally by the end of that day I started him on formula.

He took to the formula immediately, thought I still kept trying to breast-feed he just will not latch on.

On the 21st we got to go home, because Parker had started gaining back those lost ozs

Once home I started pumping, trying to still feed Parker from my breast even if he wont suck.  Well, thats not working either.  I can’t produce more than 10oz from each session of pumping.  He might get 1 full bottle of breastmilk a day from all my pumping sessions combined.

Its causing me a lot of heartache as I was looking forward to nursing my little one, or at least offering him breast milk in a bottle since he had no interest in latching on and feeding from me.

But, I’ve got this beautiful little man now, and he’s healthy and I guess in the end that is all that matters.

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