Parker’s “Lego Cake”

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Anyone who knows me well enough on here knows that each year for my two children’s birthdays I make them the cake of their choosing.  I’ve made a Care Bear cake, a Batman cake, a smiley face cake, a Pokemon cake, and a few others.  (You can see photos of nearly all of them here on Gather.)  Haley has even requested pumpkin pie and strawberry shortcake so far!

I’m definitely not an expert cake decorator.  I really have absolutely no idea what I’m doing.  LOL  I just sort of make it all up as I go along.  I figure I can learn as I go along, and by the time the kids turn 20 or something I’ll be one fine cake decorator!  It’s not about how the cake looks anyway; it’s more about the time and effort I put into making it for my babies.

This year Parker requested a “lego cake”, whatever that might be.  No other hints or anything.  Just what he called a “lego cake” (he’s really into Legos now).  I put my good ol’ thinking cap on and came up with the following cake using two cakes put together and covered in homemade frosting along with 3 Lego cars hubby and I bought at Toys R Us and put together.  It’s far from perfect, but personally I think it’s pretty dang cool, if I do say so myself!  LOL



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