‘Partners’ Recap: Will Louis and Ali Get ‘The Key’ from Joe?

Partners season one isn’t quite in order. Last week, Ali (Sophia Bush) moved in to Joe’s apartment, and this week, in the episode that aired October 15, “The Key,” she’s wondering why she doesn’t have a key, since Louis does.

Sitcoms and prime-time TV sometimes do this, thinking that one episode is funnier than another and so they move it to earlier in the season to jack up ratings. Perhaps that’s why they moved “Jeter Exception” earlier.

While the latest episode all about Joe’s key was entertaining, it wasn’t nearly as funny as earlier episodes. In part though, it’s because it used similar jokes to weeks before. Mostly Louis (Michael Urie) makes random jokes, tossed in with a few “gay” ones, such as, after Joe (David Krumholtz) asks, “You going tail-gating?” Louis says, “You say the gayest things.”

While Ali is upset that Louis has a key and she doesn’t, Louis is also focused on “winning points” with Wyatt (Brandon Routh). He’s gone sober and vegan, except he hasn’t. He’s storing his meat and vodka at Joe’s.

The whole key situation on Partners starts though when Joe walks in on Ali half-naked in the living room. Of course, he doesn’t care about her standing around in her bra. But he does wonder about her putting Vaseline on in place of moisturizer.

Louis does think Joe should give Ali a key, even if it is one step toward living together (which viewers all know is inevitable). But Joe is worried about a study he read that says that those who move in together have a 38% greater chance of getting divorced. Granted, it was in an O magazine article guest edited by Taylor Swift.

Louis claims change is good, because, after all, “without change, you can’t buy gumballs.” But Louis doesn’t like change when Joe demands his key back from Louis. After all, Louis feels the apartment is somewhat his too. He found the place, picked out the furniture, and lined the shelves with sticky paper. His sweat, effort, and meat are all there. And so he’s not giving back the key.

Then again, there’s nothing Louis can do when Joe changes the lock. “I’m sure your key is working fine,” Ali tells Louis on the other side of the door. “It’s just in the wrong lock now.” But Louis refuses to be the “g word”: guest.

Clearly he has a lesson to learn, one that was addressed in the pilot but apparently not enough. Ali and Joe are a new “we,” and Louis has to learn to live with that. But instead, he gives Joe back all the things that Joe had given to Louis over their friendship. He wants to see Joe in pain.

Rather, Joe gets back things he thought he lost, like his camera. But that box also contains a “best friend blood oath,” in which they promise to be best friends even after they die, even if they come back as a tiger and a flamingo.

The oath still applies. They decide, “We will always be a ‘we,’ even if we have other ‘we’s.'”

Partners airs on CBS Mondays at 8:30 p.m. Eastern.

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