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Okay it was a kids birthday party but still . My kind of party. I got to see my grandkids and other kids and family members and lots of other people too.

Daddies gift was a little heavy.

Ya know it must be difficult to be as beautiful as big sister. I adore this beautiful young lady , well I adore them all.

Cousins with some kind of hair thing going on, having fun opening presents.

Boy cousin buddies.

My daughter-in-law loves babies.

Auntie Bridget

The other grand parents and an aunt.

This little one was showing off her ring. That's grandpa in the photo above.

The boys just couldn't figure out why a girl got a bug keeper as a gift.

Trying to figure it out.

I loved this card, cats in wigs.

My oldest grand son still confused about his sister getting such a cool gift.

Now it's  another grand sons turn to admire such an awesome present.

"You wanted to talk to me dad ? "

Auntie Tasha

I love this last photo ! It would seems even at this tender young age the girls have learned the fine art of gossip. The listener presents an air of indifference and the teller keeps a wary eye out.

The above photo is my 2 youngest grand daughters.


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