Pass Obama’s jobs plan, and then watch it fail

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President Obama’s jobs plan is being widely criticized by his Republican opponents who are focusing on the lack of specifics about how to pay for his $450 billion proposal. By concentrating on the extra financial burden the president’s plan would add to the nation’s debt, the Republicans are missing a golden opportunity to prove once and for all the complete failure of President Obama and his liberal economic philosophy.

Republicans should give the president everything he asked for in his jobs plan speech. While it may shock Republicans to hear, a logical look at the situation will enable even the staunchest conservative.

If the Republicans support the president, then the success or failure of the economy will be entirely on the shoulders of President Obama. Republicans will be able to state that they gave the president everything he asked for. This may seem a reckless gamble, but what really are the chances that another $500 billion will actually turn the economy around? After all, if $1 trillion couldn’t keep the unemployment level under 8%, $500 billion won’t.

There is only one condition that Republican need to demand in return for their support of Obama’s plan: the president must guarantee that the nation’s unemployment drop below 8%. And whether Obama accepts the challenge, the Republicans can still declare that their support of the president’s jobs plan was on the condition that the jobless rate would drop below 8%.

When the 2012 election cycle comes around and, despite the spending of another $500 billion by the president, the economy is still stagnant, the Republicans will be in the position of having given the president what he wanted and he still failed. President Obama will be unable to blame obstructionist Republicans for the failure of his jobs plan, and the responsibility will rest squarely on his very narrow shoulders.

So Republicans need to ask themselves if it is worth blowing another $500 billion on a worthless Obama jobs plan if it means that his failure will be demonstrated for even the dimmest to see and his re-election bid will certainly fail.

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