Passover: Moses Talks to God on Skype, Orders the Exodus via Twitter

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What would Passover and the Exodus have been like if Moses could talk to the Pharaoh via email, talk to God on Skype, rally his people through Twitter or order (awesome) plagues on Amazon? Moses might have updated his Facebook status with “My staff just turned into a snake! Cool!”

Google Exodus does just that in a two-minute video portraying Moses using the Internet and social networking sites to research information on the burning bush, interact with his people and ask the Pharaoh to “Let my people go!” Of course, the response to this request is the unsurprising, “No!”

Produced by, the engaging video already has well over one million views on YouTube since it was posted on March 31. Judging by the comments, people not only enjoyed the video, but learned a thing or two about the Passover story from it. As one commenter said, “Pharoah got pwned.”

Watch the video here and come back and tell us what you think. Hold your cursor over the “pause” button as you’re watching it, because the only criticism might be that it goes a little too fast in some places to get a good look at the whole page. It’s very funny, though.

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