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The Passover holiday celebrates the Biblical story of the exodus of the Jews from Egypt. Passover 2010 is Tuesday March 30. Today, the 29th is the eve of Passover.

Jews celebrate Passover by preparing a special meal they share with family members and friends. They enjoy telling their non-Jewish friends about Passover. The reason being is because at its core, Passover is a celebration of, and a meditation on, freedom. While it is a uniquely Jewish celebration, its themes have a real universal significance. It requires those who observe it not only to cherish political freedom, but to confront the personal challenges and struggles daily life imposes, as well as to rise up against the slavery of despair and embrace the freedom of hope.

And who among us couldn’t use a little hope?

Do you celebrate Passover? Have you ever attended a Passover celebration with some Jewish friends?

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