Pastor Orders Church Officers to Quit Facebook

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A New Jersey pastor believes that the marital problems some of his congregants have been experiencing can be attributed to their Facebook memberships. Rev. Cedric Miller of the Living Word Christian Fellowship Church will order about 50 of the church’s married officials to quit Facebook or resign.

Lipstick kiss on computer mouse Rev. Miller’s counseling of troubled couples have led him to believe that the temptation Facebook offers to get reacquainted with old flames is too great and this leads to infidelity. Rev. Miller defends his position saying, “The average citizen is going to see my action as controlling, not that I care about that,” Miller said. “I’m not concerned with being politically correct. I’m trying to save families and marriages.”

Does the pastor have a point? The Associated Press reports that the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers claims 81 percent of its members have used or been confronted with evidence from social networking sites in divorce cases during the last five years. That sounds like a high number of married miscreants. Perhaps it really is best to let sleeping dogs lie. Have you used Facebook to reconnect with previous spouses or love interests?

I’ll bet you’re wondering if the pastor practices what he preaches. He had a Facebook account that he says has been used to keep up with his kids, but he has promised to delete it.

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