Pastor Terry Jones, “Christo-fascist” Q’uran Burner, Returns to Dearborn… Fails Again

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Terry Jones, would-be Christian, burner of the Q’uran and would-be evictor of Islam from America, showed up in Dearborn, Michigan again Friday to protest at the opening ceremonies of the Dearborn Arab International FestivalÂ… and left without attending.

Following a short, and sparsely attended, rally at the Dearborn City Hall, Jones and his little band of bigots, a group calling themselves “Stand Up America Now,” began an announced walk down Shaffer Road to the festival. They were met by counter-protestors. A group calling itself “By Any Means Necessary” challenged Jones, stopping his progress and forcing others out into the road. Police broke up the shouting match, arresting six, and got Terry Jones and his party into police SUVs, and transported them away from the crowds.

Soon after the end of the confrontation, Mrs. Sapp, wife of Jones’ deputy, tweeted, “Dr Terry Jones and supporters attacked by angry protesters after Rally with signs and punches. No one was hurt.” No media reported any punches, but a blog calling itself “Jihad Watch” wrote an extended piece on how two peaceful Christian groups, who were only insulting every Muslim in hearing and disrupting a festival with a message of bigotry, were “physically attacked.” Police persuaded Pastor Jones to call off his appearance at the festival.

Dearborn, Michigan has arguably the largest population of Isl?mic adherents in the USA. The City has become a center for Muslim education and interfaith relations. Despite the constant calls for “non-radical” Muslims to stand against “radical Islam,” the Muslims in Dearborn and elsewhere in southeast Michigan have managed to point out that they, as a whole, do not support terrorism or any form of “radical” Islam.

The most ironic part of this entire adventure with Pastor Jones and his adherents is that, in the face of such demands on Pastor Jones’ part, no mainstream Christian group has made it a point to denounce HIS beliefs and behavior. There is no more denunciation of “Christo-fascism” by Christians on an international basis than of “Islamo-fascism” by Muslims. It seems likely that, so long as there is little to no common agreement on what either of those hyphenated accusations really means there will be little to no common agreement on who to denounce… or how to denounce them.

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