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The key of my reality, the rock of my soul,

Without it only a partial book will be received,

A dream with no ending, a rainbow without color,

With no patience, too much left behind to move ahead.


Jumping on the first train that passes, is not me,

Destination may be far from the one desired,

Yet with time, all things become a clear image,

An image that patience has painted for me to follow.


Whatever seems to be, will still be, if meant to be,

The clock ticking, closer to perfection, so I wait,

Never being pushed to choice, mending all the ends,

Its patience which brings us through with clear thoughts.


Holding on for the long journey ahead, open mind,

Anything can happen in the blink of an eye, watch,

The road to the future already made for us to travel,

Patience determining, how smooth, how rough, how long.




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Well I believe you should be happy, I love to make people smile, I am very kind to others, and have a big heart. I have 3 children, 13 year old girl, 5 year old girl, and my son is 2. I will be the first to cut a joke so take no offence to anything I pos

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