Patrick Dempsey Not Leaving ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ After Contract Ends

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Patrick Dempsey had made a comment earlier in the year that had Grey’s Anatomy fans worrying that McDreamy would be leaving the show behind. He made it sounds as if the current season of the show would be his last. But not so fast – it seems as if he has reconsidered his statement. Perhaps the shows’ writers had a little chat with him about his role on the show.

In a new TV Guide interview, Dempsey shares his new thoughts on leaving the show behind. “I have a family to support, and why not have a discussion about continuing,” he asks rhetorically. What about the ‘I’m done’ statement he tossed out in the media a few months back? Well, he can explain that one. He didn’t mean the show as a whole but just his contract, which is set to expire at the end of season 8.

Although writers may be looking for the new generation of Grey’s Anatomy stars to take over, they have to question how many viewers would want to watch the show without the original cast members, such as Patrick Dempsey and Ellen Pompeo. “The question is will I do a full season, a half season or come back at all?… There are so many other things than just the money. But it’s a nice position to be in,” Patrick explained in the interview.

Would you want to see Patrick Dempsey stay or go?

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