Patt Manocchia Dated Julia Roberts & Trained Madonna

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So who is Pat Manocchia?  Don’t worry he’s not a reality TV star!  Now that Madonna has unveiled a brand new gym, people are wondering about the man who was responsible for keeping Madonna in such great shape!  That man was Pat Manocchia for many years and he continues to help train celebrities as well as publish fitness books to help others.

Manocchia, responsible for training Madonna for 8-9 years, gave an interview to Cary Castagna of Sun Media in late 2009. Manocchia has run at least 10 marathons between the 90’s and 2001, showing he keeps himself in good shape.  He also has two kids to keep him busy.  As for his philosophy on diet, he isn’t super strict.  In the 09′ interview Manocchia says:

I’m not going to crucify somebody for having a Big Mac,” he says. “You can’t eat perfectly every single meal. It just doesn’t work like that. The objective is to do the best you can and make smart choices. And don’t beat yourself up if you don’t make a smart choice.”

He currently heads up La Palestra gym which is located on the upper West Side of Manhattan.  The gym features personal training membership which runs as high as $8,000 per year.  Among its clientele are former tennis pro John McEnroe and actor Liam Neeson.

In addition to training Madonna for almost a decade, Manocchia also has the book called “Anatomy of Exercise: A Trainer’s Inside Guide to Your Workout” which he released in 2009.  His latest book arrives today called “Anatomy of Strength Training: The Five Essential Exercises.”  Pat Manocchia’s other claim to fame? Dating Julia Roberts during the 90’s.  Not a bad career and personal life for Pat Manocchia!

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