Pau Gasol Trade Rumors to Minnesota Timberwolves

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Odd Pau Gasol trade rumors now involve the Minnesota Timberwolves. Minnesota is reportedly pursuing Pau Gasol to add to an evolving roster, possibly sending rookie Derrick Williams to the Los Angeles Lakers as part of the trade. Fox Sports is reporting this rumor, but it doesn’t seem to really make that much sense.

Having Gasol on the same team as Kevin Love and Ricky Rubio would certainly make the Timberwolves a very interesting team, but the Lakers don’t seem to come out ahead in that trade by merely getting back Williams. Williams is a project that could succeed with more minutes for a franchise, but he seems like a risk for a team like the Lakers to undertake. If the Lakers really want to make a trade, it makes more sense for the franchise to pursue someone who can make an impact right away.

This seems more like a pipe dream from someone in Minnesota that would love to see the Timberwolves compete in the short-term. Gasol could bring a lot of offense and veteran leadership to the Timberwolves, plus he helps to spread the floor even more for Love to work. Having another international player to team with Rubio sounds pretty good as well, but the reality is that this trade probably doesn’t have as much traction as Fox Sports would have you believe.

Do you think that the Lakers should entertain a deal like this? Is a Pau Gasol trade for Derrick Williams fair? Additionally, would the Timberwolves become true contenders by adding Gasol?

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