Paul Nassif Takes the High Road in Nasty Divorce Battle

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Paul Nassif and his wife Adrienne Maloof are engaged in a nasty divorce battle, but there is one aspect of their split where Nassif will be taking the high road. He still wants to co-parent their kids despite Maloof’s accusations of child abuse. The Department of Children and Family Services has called the child abuse allegations “unfounded.” This is the perfect time for him to strike back against his soon-to-be ex-wife, but he has decided to be a better man than that. According to a recent report, he believes the children would fare better being raised by both parents, and he won’t use the kids to hurt his wife. That’s an admirable position given the acrimonious nature of their divorce. His reasonable approach to the situation makes his wife look even worse for filing false charges. Just because Paul Nassif recognizes the importance of co-parenting and allowing his children to see their mother doesn’t mean he is a total pushover. He does expect the court to issue a sanction against Adrienne Maloof for the false child abuse charges. Currently, there is an order in place that prohibits him from seeing his children because of the false charges. It is expected that the order will be lifted later today. Instead of seeking full custody, he plans to seek a temporary joint custody order in the spirit of compromise.

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