Paul Ryan Prepares for Plan B

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It’s always good to have a backup plan. Apparently, Paul Ryan thinks so too. He’s going to be airing congressional campaign ads tomorrow in his district in Wisconsin, in Madison and Milwaukee. Could it be because Romney’s numbers aren’t where the Republican party had hoped they’d be after the convention?

Ryan has $5.4 million in his congressional campaign fund to pay for the ads pleading for his re-election to the U.S. Congress. On the same day, Romney-Ryan ads will begin, paid for out of a separate fund. The people of Wisconsin are going to be seeing Ryan’s face in their sleep after all those ads!

Why are the numbers not higher for Romney-Ryan?

Well, Ann Romney’s comments on Meet the Press probably didn’t help. She admitted that she and Mitt’s struggles have not been financial. Yet, she was adamant that she could still empathize with poor, struggling people. That’s sort of like saying you understand what it’s like to stand in the welfare line from the view of your balcony in Martha’s Vineyard.

Or, perhaps it’s because Paul Ryan’s convention speech was DESTROYED by fact checkers. Or because the Ryan budget plan simply doesn’t add up! As Bill Clinton pointed out, the Republicans are mathematically challenged.

Or perhaps because no matter how many good things Mitt Romney did for his fellow Mormon church members, he’s still viewed a spoiled, rich kid who went to a private boarding school and grew up in Bloomfield Hills country club.

Or maybe it’s because President Obama is simply the better choice for America and the Democrats laid out a better plan for bringing help to the many struggling Americans — who are struggling as the result of failed Republican policies.

No matter the cause, Ryan certainly appears to be covering all his bases. He knows when he’s beat.

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