Paula Broadwell Offered Quarter Million Dollars by Ashley Madison

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Paula Broadwell has been offered $250,000 by the cheating site Ashley Madison, for the exclusive rights to her sordid tale.

“As the CEO of the world’s premier infidelity service,, I am well aware of the link between politics, power and infidelity,” wrote Noel Biderman to the former mistress of CIA Director David Petraeus. “I believe you should have an uninterrupted platform to voice your story to Americans. From your experience working on a biography about General Petraeus, we find it only natural to encourage you to write a book of your own.”

The West Point graduate and Petraeus biographer doesn’t come across as a sympathetic figure in the scandal, which led to the downfall of one of America’s most revered generals. Eventually, Paula Broadwell will emerge from her seclusion, and tell the whole world what really went down between her and the CIA director.

But, if Broadwell wants to repair her image, Ashley Madison is certainly not the optimal vehicle to accomplish that. The site, after all, hooks up married cheaters with each other! Either way, Biderman accomplished his goal of generating more publicity for his gross website. Several months ago, he also offered money to anyone who could prove quarterback Tim Tebow was lying about his virginity. Good grief!

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