Paula Deen Creates Sexually Fueled Bloopers Tape

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Paula Deen created a bloopers tape charged with sexually explicit material, thinking it would be funny to play as her introduction on the Celebrity Chefs Tour. When the tour president watched the video, however, he deemed it completely unacceptable.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the New York Post got their hands on a copy of the video, and claims Deen goes from mildly X-rated to downright raunchy. Paula Deen - Savannah, GA

The Post reports that Deen scrunches up her face when smelling something she’s been cooking, and tells the audience it smells like a “stinky coochie.”

Oh, dear.

On top of that, and using words like sh*t and mother f**ker, she also simulates having oral sex with a chocolate éclair.

Gary Ravet, the president of the Celebrity Chefs Tour explains why the tape simply wouldn’t work for the tour.

“We found it to be unacceptable because it’s certainly not family content,” he said.

When reps for Deen said she was told prior to the tour to create a blooper’s video, the president said yes, she was, but they were disappointed in hers because it was “laced with expletives.” Deen opted to pull out of the tour and then filed suit against the company.

Does this sound like the sweet-talking southern chef whose drawl melts the butter on her biscuits? It sounds more like a trashy broad at the corner bar.

Who knew Paula Deen had it in her to be so crass?

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