Paula Deen Eats a Cheeseburger Despite Type 2 Diabetes

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Paula Deen was caught eating a cheeseburger just days after her shocking admission that she had Type 2 Diabetes for three years and kept it a secret.

The horror of horrors Paula Deen Eats a Cheeseburger Despite Type 2 Diabetesis that the famous chef not only ate the cheeseburger, but she also had french fries on her plate. FRENCH FRIES! Deen consumed the fat-laden food while on a seven-day Caribbean cruise called Party at Sea, which she hosts each year.

So, obviously the world did not end when Paula Deen ate her cheeseburger. The 65-year-old woman is on vacation. She deserves to be able to indulge in tasty foods occasionally without the world freaking out. Even with a disease, occasionally people have to have a moderate amount of treats in their diets. Ultimately, it is about moderation.

Honestly, this entire scandal about the chef having Type 2 Diabetes has been blown completely out of proportion. She is a human being, and she has the right to privacy. She absolutely did not have to tell anybody about her health issues. She cooks, and she does not tell people that her cooking is healthy. In the end, if Paula Deen wants to eat cheeseburgers until the day she dies, she can. It’s her prerogative, and people do not need to be the food police with her.

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