Paula Deen Loses 30 Pounds in Light of Diabetes Diagnosis!

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Paula Deen is one of America’s most well-known chefs, though not always because of her cooking. In fact, she has recent become one of America’s most controversial chefs, mainly due to her unhealthy cooking and her diagnosis of diabetes having gone public three years after the fact. Now, however, she attempts to get back in the good graces of the public by reforming her diet and shedding those extra pounds!

So just how has the 65-year-old Southern belle lost the weight?

“I…think differently about food now,” Deen told People Magazine, adding, “I’m more aware. If you make a few small changes, they can add up to big results.”

Paula DeenFor example, Paula Deen has been known for using significant amounts of butter in her cooking, including in her favorite splurge – mashed potatoes! Now, though, she’s shaping up with salads and substituting healthy alternatives.

Though it’s not exactly a mind-blowing weight loss plan – what better and more elementary way is there to lose weight than to eat healthier and be more active? – but with Deen in the spotlight, hopefully she’ll be in a position to influence countless other American’s facing similar health issues to make the changes needed to prolong their lives!

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