Paula Deen Slammed for Profiting Off Diabetes – Sort Of

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No one was really surprised when Paula Deen made the announcement that she has diabetes. The rumor that she would finally be announcing it was floating around for a few days and on Tuesday, she finally admitted that she has suffered from diabetes for nearly three years.

Despite knowing, Deen did nothing to make her southern style of cooking any more healthy. There is nothing wrong with wanting to keep the issue private, but certainly she should have made some adjustment to her recipes that are notoriously heavy on butter.

Anthony Bourdain, a fellow chef, took to Twitter and made a cut at Deen. However, he wasn’t bashing the fact that she kept her diabetes a secret or even that she didn’t change her recipes. Instead, he slammed the fact that she is now profiting off of her illness by being a spokesperson.

According to Gossip Cop, Bourdain said, “Thinking of getting into the leg-breaking business, so I can profitably sell crutches later.”

They also say that TMZ took the words and twisted them in a way to make it sound like Bourdain was much more harsh in what he said. Although they tried to make it something that it was not, Bourdain is right in his statement. People seem to be most bothered by the fact that, as soon as Deen made her statement, it was revealed that she would be a spokesperson. Had the public known earlier about her illness, they may have been more accepting of her new venture. Though, the way she has gone about things makes it look awful shady.

If she had taken out some of her signature ingredients, would it have hurt her image? Most celebrity chefs have something that they are known for and that makes them stick out from the other chefs. Rachael Ray, for instance, is known for her 30-minute meals. By sticking to authentic southern style cooking, Deen was able to carve a niche for herself and make her recipes more memorable.

Do you think Paula Deen cheated her fans by not telling them about her diabetes and not making her recipes more healthy?

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