Paula Deen Sugar in the Pan Recipes for disaster!!

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For starters I want to let everyone know I actually watch cooking shows, I only cook a few days a week but as a well seasoned man I think it’s necessary to get in the kitchen a little bit.  Ok now Paula Deen has a very, very, very, hot sauce in my refrigerator right now it’s for buffalo wings. That sauce is so hot it could melt snow from Buffalo to Seattle. Anyway after watching her show on TV I realized her down south cooking was probably very tasty after she puts a big dab of salt on this and that.  Salt is high blood pressure not diabetes so it’s the desserts guys and girls.  When a recipe says put a cup of sugar in it Paula Deen I guess has a flash back from the old get a cup from your neighbor too days. So we now have an extra cup of sugar in our cookies and there not even sugar cookies. Well for all those with someone in our family who may have diabetes.  This is a slap in the face that we would allow someone on TV create food recipes that are totally unhealthy.

The real problem with this issue is that I am more than sure that Paula Deen’s cooking tastes really good it’s the fact we are more into taste than whats good for us. I can’t support someone in a kitchen I know for starters is eating and cooking and not even caring about certain little health issues. It’s always the people who are blinded by the now who we care about and it hurts to see them not care about themselves even.


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