Paula Grant Says Missouri Hospital Only Makes News ‘Because of the F*gs’

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Former employee at the Missouri hospital, Research Medical Center, Paula Grant, commented on WDAF TV’s Facebook page that the illegal actions against Roger Gorley only “makes news because of the f*gs.”

Paula Grant’s LinkedIn profile, which has since been deleted, said that her occupation is “Charge Entry Specialist at HCA Physician Services – Midwest Heart and Vascular Associates.” She’s been working there only since January, 2013. Prior to that she was a Medical Office Specialist at HCA Physician Services – Harrisonville Specialists where she worked for one year and 11 months. And, prior to that, she worked at HCA – Research Medical Center as a Financial Counselor for four years and one month.

Grant says she “knows the security guards” at Research Medical Center and she believes they follow all the proper rules and regulations. Then she added the comment in the title of this article, calling Roger and Allen “f*gs.” In response to criticism from other Facebook users, she responded, “I can speak how I want when I’m away from my job. Doesn’t mean the employees are all standing around and discriminating. Remember free speech? Good night.”

She obviously lacks character as many have been quoted, “Character is what we do when we think no one is looking.” Grant clearly didn’t think anyone would be looking at her comments on a public Facebook post (which have also been taken down). Do you think Paula Grant would be okay with someone using free speech to say that she’s only making news because she’s a fat, ignorant, white bigot who is probably just jealous that she doesn’t have such a loving and attentive husband, if any husband at all? Probably not because that’s not really free speech, that’s hate speech.

One positive about this situation is that Paula Grant is not providing patient care.

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In addition, more information has come out about what really happened the day of the incident.

Allen’s family has never supported his relationship with Roger. Allen’s brother and sister arrived at his home with police and had him taken to Research Medical Center where he goes to receive electro-shock treatment (ECT) each month. The staff knows him there and they are well aware of his relationship with Roger. The nurse (still unnamed) allegedly said to Roger, “I know who you two are. You need to leave.”

Apparently the Missouri hospital did allow Roger back in the hospital to visit Allen later Thursday night. Roger is pursuing legal action against the hospital for the maltreatment he received when he had all the legal protection afforded to him under current law. If the couple were legally married, would this still have happened? Why do people get such a thrill out of trying to embarrass and hurt gay people? And, why aren’t any of the mainstream media talking about this?

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