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Paula Sladewski’s Playboy photos and pics have become among one of the internet’s hottest searches on Google, according to Hot Trends.  Sladewski is the 26 year-old Playboy model who was horrifically murdered and set on fire this past New Year’s weekend in Miami.  Her boyfriend Kevin Klym is among the top “persons of interest” in the case.  Klym gave the police details of a timeline and was the last reported person to see her alive.

Sladewski’s body was found in a dumpster in Miami.  Police stated the body was so badly burned it took them 2 days to identify Sladewski, as they finally used dental records to do so.

According to

“Police are trying to figure out how a model from Michigan, who appeared in a 2003 Playboy video, ended up burned beyond recognition inside the trash bin — and who put her there.

“This was a brutal, horrible, disgusting murder, and this monster or these monsters need to be brought to justice,” Cuevas said.”

For eager searchers, Paula Sladewksi’s Playboy photos don’t turn up via a Google search, and all that you’ll really find is a picture of the former model in a half-on/half-off blue bra. 

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