Paulina Gretzky Goes Out in Sexy Lingerie (Pictures)

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Paulina Gretzky, daughter of famed NHL hockey star, Wayne Gretzky, went out on the town dressed in revealing black lingerie.

Paulina, 23, has been in and out of the news over the years for her racy and overtly sexual behavior. Given her beauty and status as the daughter of perhaps the greatest hockey player of all-time, men everywhere have started to take notice. Paulina was out in Los Angeles with friends at upscale restaurant, STK steakhouse, when she was, of course, spotted by paparazzi who snapped pictures of her in the stripper-like lingerie.

Paulina has already been in hot water with her famous father in the past for her, seemingly, rebellious and attention-soliciting behavior. Wayne Gretzky reportedly told her to get off social networking site, Twitter, back in November due to Paulina posting some extremely salacious pics. She was back on Twitter by December, however, and it does not appear the lewd behavior has changed much since then.

What would you do if you were Wayne in this situation? Would you see that girls simply will be girls and tell Paulina Gretzky to “party on,” or would you be the protective father who doesn’t want to see his good name dragged through the mud and have his daughter oogled by droves of pervy Internet hordes. The words solicit, lingerie and public are certainly three words that no sane father wants to see associated with his daughter in any type of publicly disseminated article.

Maybe Wayne’s days of hitting on “puck sluts” are really coming back to haunt him, eh?

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