‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Bossy Pants’ Recap

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After being on hiatus for three weeks “Pawn Stars” finally came back to the relief of all their fans.

In this week’s first episode a man tries to sell part of a SR-71 Blackbird plane and another man wants to sell a solid bronze hand cannon.

A man, Cal, comes into the shop with a nose-piece from an airplane, a SR-71. The nose-piece is signed by the pilot and is made from titanium which is the strongest metal around. In fact, it’s so strong that no airplane made from titanium was ever shot down.

Corey thinks that this is a great item for the shop and it would be a big score for them. He wants to prove to his dad and the Old Man that he’s an asset to the business. Cal wants $1,500 for the piece and Corey counter offers with $1,200. Cal won’t budge and Corey really wants to buy it so he hands $1,500 over to Cal.

The Old Man sees that Corey spent $1,500 on the nose-piece and he gets pretty upset. Rick doesn’t think that it’s made from titanium and tells Corey to get an expert to come in.

Matt, the expert, comes in to look at the SR-71 and tells them about the plane. It was made in 1964 and these planes flew the highest and fastest of any plane. A SR-71 could fly so high that the pilots could see the curvature of the Earth and its speed was three times faster than sound. Matt also said that titanium is a composite alloy but the piece that Corey bought was not pure titanium. The piece was worth $1,500, just what Corey bought it for. The Old Man and Rick are far from happy with Corey when they hear this.

Next in the shop comes a man with a bronze hand cannon. There’s a date on the cannon that says 1326. Rick says it looks like it might have been on a ship at one time but he does have concerns about that. He tells the owner that there’s no wear on it and he wants to bring in his friend, Mark, to take a look at it.

Mark says that it’s a Spanish naval cannon but he says that it was never on a ship. It’s too thin and there are some images on it that are wrong for the 1300s. Mark said that the cannon was made for decorative purposes. When Rick hears that he tells the owner that he won’t buy it.

A woman comes in with a pair of Levi Strauss jeans and they are huge. She would like to sell to the “Pawn Stars” for $200. Rick explains that Levi Strauss came from Germany and made a fortune making jeans. At first Strauss made canvases for tents that miners used. The tents were so strong that he soon started to make jeans out of the canvass.

On this pair of jeans the tag is gone but the Levi Strauss label is there. The woman asks Rick for $200 and Rick offers $100. Then the woman asks for $180 and Rick counters with S$125. Eventually the two agree on $150.

A man comes in with a home-made motorcycle/scooter called a “Stand Up Ride.” It looks like a scooter but there’s a motor on it. This scooter can go upwards of 55 miles per hour. It took the man nine years to make. He asks Rick if he’d like to drive it but Rick refuses because it looks pretty dangerous but the man takes off on it to show Rick how it runs. The owner would like $2,100 for it but Rick and Corey decide that they wouldn’t be able to sell it and turn it down.

A man comes in next with a 1970 Red Barron airplane music box and a Snoopy airplane music box. The Red Barron music box works but Snoopy’s black airplane’s music box doesn’t. Even though the red one is in good condition Rick decides not to buy it because anyone who would buy the red Barron would want the Snoopy one too. No deal.

Meanwhile, the old man is still upset with Corey for spending $1,500 on the airplane nose-piece. Corey said that his fellow “Pawn Stars” crew only seem to be happy when he screws up. Maybe so, Corey, maybe so.

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