‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Bullitt Proof’ Recap

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After weeks of repeats fans of “Pawn Stars” were finally treated to a new episode last night. The guys got an opportunity to buy a 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback which was the same kind of car that Rick’s hero, Steve McQueen, drove in the 1968 movie Bullitt.

But before Rick and his family look at the car, they check out a US Army Signal Corps telegraph machine that a man brought in. The Old Man and Rick explain that Morse Code started in 1836 and was considered the cell phone of its day. It helped direct artillery and watch enemy movement. The owner of this machine says that it was his grandfather’s from WWI and was used between 1917 and 1918 but Rick says that this machine is from 1942. It’s a wireless radio telegraph set and was used by spies.

The owner wants $200 for it but Rick offers $75. Then the man asks for $150 but Rick gives him a look and the owner comes down to $125. Eventually the two agree to $110.

Next a man comes into the shop who would like to sell his Smith & Wesson Model 1. Rick tells the owner that 260,000 of these guns were produced in 1858 and it’s the first of its kind to have a self-contained bullet. It put Smith & Wesson on the map. It fits in a pocket and can be loaded fast.

Wild Bill Hickok was killed with this type of gun during a poker game. After he was shot, the other players looks at his cards; he had a pair of aces and a pair of 8’s. This became known as a dead man’s hand. Pretty interesting.

Rick likes the gun but he brings in his expert, Craig, to look at it. Craig explains that this is the first revolver that’s loaded from the back and not the front. The gun that Rick is thinking of buying has some problems with wearing and is worth about $1,015 as it is right now. The owner would like $900 but Rick says he’ll pay $600. The man then asks for $700 and Rick says that the gun was messed with and offers $650 which the owner agrees to.

The guys next speak with a man who wants to sell his 1968 Ford Mustang GT Fastback. Steve McQueen drove the same kind of car in the movie, “Bullitt.” Of course this car is not the exact one that McQueen drove but Rick, being a Steve McQueen fan, doesn’t care; the fact that it’s the same kind of car makes Rick want to buy it.

The car Rick and Corey are looking at is all beat up and rusty. Corey hates it but Rick is in love. Rick says that this car is very rare and hard to come by. Corey argues that the car is rusted over, doesn’t run, and looks like a piece of junk but the owner says that it’s made from solid metal.

Rick calls in his friend Danny, the car expert, who just happens to have a new television series on The History Channel, “Counting Cars,” that premiers tonight, August 14 at 10:00 PM. A special sneak preview also aired after this episode of “Pawn Stars.”

Back to the Mustang. Danny explains that it was considered the “gentleman’s muscle car” and three versions of it were made in 1968. Danny also says that it isn’t rust on the car but some kind of chemical stripping agent. But he loves the car and says that it’s worth between $12,000 – $15,000 the way it is now. Rick wants to buy it but Corey says it’s a waste of money.

Rick offers the owner $10,000 but the man wants $15,000. Rick counters with $12,000 and the two agree to $12,500.

The owner of a Phillips Cigar advertisement comes in next. She says that this picture was hung in the windows of drugstores. The ad is in a wooden frame that’s cracking but the picture has an artsy look to it. The woman wants $5,000 but Corey offers $1,000. Then Corey goes up to $1,200. The owner says it’s worth more so no deal was made.

Next a woman comes in trying to sell a group picture she has of Clint Eastwood and the cast of the 1950s television series, “Rawhide.” Eastwood wrote on it, “To Pickles, love from the Rawhide gang.” The owner will sell it for $500 but Rick and Chum offer her $50. The owner lowers her price to $200 but Rick doesn’t like that Eastwood wrote ‘To Pickles” and says he can only pay her $100. No deal.

At the end of the show Rick, the Old Man, and Corey are talking about the Mustang Rick bought. His father says it’s a pile of junk and Corey agrees but Rick is sure it will be a beautiful car once Danny fixes it up. Viewers will see what the car eventually looks like during the preview of “Counting Cars” which airs next.

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