‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Chum-p Change’ Recap

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In this week’s first episode of Pawn Stars, viewers are going to learn about the Republic of Texas and a Winchester Repeating Rifle.

The first person who comes into the shop has notes from the Republic of Texas and the Government of Texas. The notes were used as money during the 1830s and 1840s.

Rick informs the owner of the notes that Texas used to be part of Mexico. Texans fought against Mexico and for nine years Texas said it was a country of its own. But the United States said that Texas was really a part of the US. But during those nine years Texas put out its own money.

These notes are fairly rare and the owner knows it. He wants Rick to pay him $25,000 for the Republic of Texas notes and for the even rarer Government of Texas notes he wants $650,000. When Rick was finally able to talk again he explained that he never paid $650,000 for anything and wants to call in an expert, Jay, and have him take a look at things.

Jay looks at the notes and explains to Rick and the owner that the bills are very scarce and are a part of history but they aren’t worth what the owner is asking. The expert says that if the bills were in great condition they would bring in between $5,000 and $7,000, possibly $10,000 at an auction.

The owner became pretty angry and said he paid a lot more for them and that Jay, the expert, had no idea what he was talking about. Jay and Rick tried to explain that there are a limited number of collectors, a few thousand at best, who would be interested in buying the notes. Of course there was no deal made and the owner huffed out of the shop.

The next man in the shop was Brett who wanted to sell his 1886 Winchester Repeating Rifle. Rick loves guns and tells “Pawn Stars” viewers that this rifle actually did win the west and that Theodore Roosevelt carried one with him.

Rick wants this rifle but Brett asks for more than $5,000. Rick points out that there’s a lot of rust on it and screws are loose. The rifle is not in good condition. Rick offers to pay $1,600 for it. Brett counters with $2,000 and Rick says he’ll pay $1,800 for it. Eventually both men agree on $1,850.

Next viewers meet a man who wants to sell the printing plates of the movie, “The Outlaw” that starred Jane Russell. This was the actress’s first movie and it turned her into a sex symbol. There’s a lot of history to it because it was a Howard Hughes Production. The movie was first released in 1943 but didn’t do well because the male population was off fighting in the war. Hughes pulled it and re released it when the war ended. With the men back home the movie was a huge success.

Rick asked the owner how much he wanted for the plates and the owner said $3,000. Rick said that he’ll pay $300 and the man countered with $500. Rick didn’t want to go that high so no deal was made.

Something strange walked into the shop next. It was a talking robot with a large yellow head. The owner walked in behind it and told Rick that the robot was a DZ Robot, made for the Discovery Zone in the early 1990s. The owner wanted $2,500 for it but Rick said that the robot looked old and dated and he would have a hard time selling it. Man and robot walked out of the store together.

The last scene of the episode has Rick, Corey, Chum, and the Old Man betting on who is the best shot with a gun. Rick wanted to test out his new Manchester and thinks he can beat them all. Each man lined up with the gun of their choice and Rick says that they have five shots to hit on their own target. The person who makes the best hits wins.

Rick fires his five shots while Chum blasts about 50 rounds into his target. Corey shoots more than five and the Old Man shoots eight rounds.

Rick, Corey, and Chum go to inspect the targets. The Old Man didn’t want to walk and decided to stay put and hear the results. After inspecting the targets Rick, Chum, and Corey decide that the Old Man was the best shot but they had no intention of telling him that. So these “Pawn Stars” agree to lie and say that it was a tie with no clear winner.

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