Pawn Star’s Corey Harrison Loses 115 Pounds!

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Corey Harrison, the star of the History Channel’s hit show Pawn Stars, has the nickname “Big Hoss” for a reason. The previously 365-pound reality star has always been a hefty guy, but after a particularly down moment when he realized that his health was in serious jeopardy, things started to change.

“I went and got a Lap-Band put in and the weight just started falling off. It was like someone took a backpack full of rocks off of you,” he said in an interview about his recent shocking weight loss.

Harrison, who once controlled his obesity-related health issues with an assortment of medications (some of which had very undesirable and scary side effects), is now completely off all medications, and is no longer considered a risk for diabetes!

So how much weight has Corey Harrison lost, having changed his diet and with the surgery’s assistance? He’s now weighing in at 250 pounds, having lost a whopping 115 pounds (the equivalent of a small adult woman!)!

Scale-A-Week: 31 July 2010

As for how he’s continuing his weight loss, he’s definitely had a major diet makeover.

“I start out with a protein shake or Power Bar. I probably have five protein shakes a day. At dinner, I usually go off the chain a little bit and have whatever I want but within reason. I think maximum capacity for my stomach is about 6 oz. of food.”

Congrats, Corey Harrison, on your amazing weight loss! Keep it up!

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