‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Corey’s Big Burn’ Recap

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This week’s second “Pawn Stars” episode deals with exploding dye packs, a football championship poster, and a crush Chumlee has on the shop’s new employee.

The show starts with a man coming in trying to sell an exploding dye pack. The exploding pack was first used in 1798 in Philadelphia. Banks put money in the packs and if there’s a robbery the packs will be set off exploding dye all over the person who’s holding it. It’s hard to deny that you robbed a bank with blue or red dye all over your clothes and face.

Usually the packs go off by a transmitter near the bank’s door but now the transmitter can follow the person who’s holding it. There’s no place to run and hide with the new transmitters.

Rick takes a look at the pack and likes it but he isn’t sure if it’s legal to have one. If the Federal Reserve owns this, Rick wants nothing to do with it. The owner wants $500 for it but Rick won’t go near it without his expert, Bart, taking a look at it.

Bart tells them that this pack was developed in the 1990s and it is legal to own because it was made by a private company and not by the Federal Reserve.

The owner asks for $473. Four hundred and seventy-three dollars? Rick thought this was an odd amount and the man said he just pulled the number out of the air because it ended with the number 3. Okay. But Rick thinks that’s too much and offers $100. The owner says the pack is a curiosity and wants $300. Rick offers $150. Too low for the owner who now asks for $200. Rick says too high and offers $175. The man agrees to that amount.

Next a man comes in with a 1932 Chicago Bears vs. Portsmouth Spartans football championship program. This was a historic game because it was the first time the NFL had to have a championship game. At the end of the season the Bears and the Spartans were tied for first place and they had to play another game to see who the winner would be. The fans loved the championship game so much that the NFL kept it.

But this poster looks like it was in a fire. Parts of it were burned and the condition wasn’t good at all. Corey offers the owner $2,000 but the man wants $5,000. Corey counters with $2,500. The owner then asks for $2,750 and Corey agrees to buy the poster.

Rick, who was standing next to Corey during the negotiations, is afraid that his son just lost $2,750 because the poster was in such bad shape. When the Old Man hears about the purchase all he can say is “Oh my God.” No one is happy with the poster except for Corey who tells his dad and grandfather that he’ll take it to an expert to find out what it’s worth.

Meanwhile, Chumlee is happy to work the graveyard shift along with his usual shift because he gets to train Olivia, the new “Pawn Stars” employee. The Old Man is a little worried that Chum is working so much but Chum says he’s happy to do it.

That night a man comes to the shop’s door and tells Olivia that he has a Schwinn Twinn bike that he’d like to sell. Usually they don’t open the doors at night but Olivia loves Schwinn’s and she and Chumlee agree to look at it.

The bike is an original with no replacement parts. Olivia loves it and Chum dreams about cruising the beach with Olivia on the bicycle. She asks Chum, that since it’s a two-seater, if he would go out and take it on a spin with her. Chum takes a look at the bike and declines but the owner takes Olivia out on it.

When they get back the man asks for $300. Chum says that it’s hard to sell a bicycle built for two since collectors don’t really want them and offers him $40. That’s too low for the owner who now asks for $275. That’s too high for Chum who counters with $60. That’s way too low for the man. He walked out of the shop with the bike in tow.

The next day Corey goes to Jeremy, an expert on sports posters, to find out what the burned football championship poster is worth. Jeremy tells Corey that at the time the NFL was in its infancy. This particular game had to be changed from where it was originally supposed to be played and there were problems with the length and width of the new field. Jeremy also said that the Bears/Spartans game did change the history of football.

Jeremy sees that the poster is in very bad condition but he also says that he doubts if any of these posters were ever handed out. He thinks that all of them were sitting in a warehouse that caught fire. It turns out the poster is very rare. Corey paid $2,750 for it and it’s worth $10,000.

Corey goes back to the “Pawn Stars” shop to tell his father and grandfather that the poster was rare and worth three times what he paid for it. Rick and the Old Man were far from impressed and said that Corey was just lucky. Sometimes there’s no pleasing family.

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