‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Grand Theft Corey’ Recap

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In this week’s second episode of “Pawn Stars,” Corey and Rick look at a customized 1932 Ford Roadster; the guys are offered a Marilyn Mason claymation doll; and a diploma from the 1912 Olympics that were held in Sweden.

Rick and Corey are off to see a man who wants to sell his customized 1932 Ford Roadster. It has a steel body and was made in Detroit. It only has 450 miles on it. This roadster is considered a hot rod because part of the roof was taken off to make the car lighter so it can go faster. The car has 500 horse power.

Corey and Rick want to take it out for a spin but the car is very small. Corey was able to squeeze himself into it but it’s tough going for Rick. He tries to fold himself in half, hold his breath, and use a shoehorn to get into it but he can’t move and then attempts to get out of it. Rick somehow gets out with his legs, arms, and body intact but he does complain that he twisted his back.

Rick tells the owner that he needs his pal, Danny, from “Counting Cars” to look at it.

Danny takes one look at the car and falls in love. The roadster was customized by the owner who put a lot of money into it. Danny says the interior is beautiful and the gauges and steering wheel are great but he needs to drive it so he folds himself up and gets into the car with the owner. Danny loves the fact that the car runs great and that it could be driven every day. The test drive was awesome and Danny was pleased to see that the breaks worked perfectly. He describes the roadster as a “high end show car.”

It cost the owner $125,000 – S135,000 to customize it but if Danny were to sell it at his shop he would charge $70,000 – $75,000. The owner wants $70,000 but Rick offers $65,000 because it will take time to find someone with the money to buy it. The owner comes down to S69,000 and Rick goes up to $67,000. They eventually agree to $68,250.

Corey is thrilled that they have the Roadster and is really happy that Rick can’t fit in the car so Corey has to drive it to the shop.

A man, Mike, comes in showing Corey his Marilyn Mason claymation doll that he wants to sell. This doll was used on MTV’s Celebrity Deathmatch show. Manson was undefeated on the program.

Mike wants to get rid of the doll because it frightens his wife. She says she’s hearing little footsteps at night and is sure it’s the doll. The man Mike bought it from Sold It because strange things were happening in his home too. Corey needs his pal, Johnny, to look at it.

Johnny tells them that the Manson doll was made out of clay. It took weeks to film the two-minute segment for Celebrity Deathmatch because every movement of the dolls were changed by hand and then a photo was taken of the new position. This is now done with computers.

Mike, the owner is far from happy when he hears it’s only worth $1,500 and Corey only offers $500. Mike brings his asking price down to $1,300 but Corey stays with $500. Mike says the offer is insulting and leaves with Marilyn in his hand.

Back at the warehouse, no one can find the roadster. Chum says it might have been stolen but then Corey comes in with the car. He’s been driving it around. Rick gives his son a hard time about using it but Corey says he’s a partner in the pawn shop now and can drive the car. Rick tells him to leave the roadster alone.

The Old Man and Rick speak with a man who has three transistor radios that were used in North Vietnam. The radios work and two of them are in their original packages. The owner wants $500 but Rick offers $300. The man then comes down in price to $400. The Old Man then offers S350 and the owner then asks for $375. The Old Man agrees. He wanted these radios.

A man comes to the pawn shop telling Rick that he wants to buy the roadster but when they go to the warehouse the car isn’t there. The man is annoyed because he was told that the car was there and ready to be bought. Rick is mad because he knows Corey is probably driving it around. Rick want to kill his son and tells the man that as soon as the roadster is back he’ll call him.

Rick is speaking with someone who wants to sell his 1912 Swedish Olympic Diploma. An Olympic Diploma is a paper certificate awarded to the top eight finishers in competitions at the Olympic Games. Rick explains to the man that there were only 100 events at the games in Sweden because the Olympics didn’t become a big deal until 1936 when they were held in Germany.

The owner wants $1,500 for it and Rick agrees right away. Deal!

Finally Corey comes back with the roadster and says that driving it around is like advertising it. Rick says that his son cost him a sale. Corey says that it’s good not to accept the first offer they get.

Looks like the new “Pawn Stars” partner’s head is getting a little too big. Rick and the Old Man might have to do something about this and soon.

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