‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Jet Setters’ Recap

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The first episode of this week’s “Pawn Stars” gives Rick and the others a chance to buy a Wesson Over-and-Under pistol, a 19th century pocket watch, and a collection of Boeing aviation memorabilia.

The first man in the shop has an over-and-under pistol that he’d like to sell. His parents had left it to him. The Old Man and Corey like the looks of it and determined that it was made in December of 1868. It was designed by Frank Wesson, brother of Daniel B. Wesson from Smith & Wesson fame. Frank designed different types of gun than his brother. This over-under pistol was made for protection purposes only. The Old Man says he was shot by one of these guns. The gun was on the counter and it fell off shooting him in the foot. The Old Man said it hurt.

The owner would like $4,800 for it but Corey wants to call in an expert.

Jamison, the expert, comes in to look at the pistol and says that in order to do damage with this pocket pistol you have to be very close to your target. It’s called an over-under pistol because there are two barrels, one above the other. When you fire with one barrel you then have to rotate the barrel so you can fire another shot. This can be a real pain especially if someone shoots you while you’re busy changing barrels to get another shot.

This particular gun is heavily worn and it looks like it might have been sanded down at one point. There’s also a modern-day screw in it which brings down its value. Jamison says it’s worth $2,000 – $2,200. Corey offers the owner $700 but the owner wants $2,000. The Old Man counters with $1,200 which the owner still doesn’t like. No deal.

Next a man comes into the shop with a historic aviation photo collection. The pictures were taken by Tex Johnston from the cockpit of a plane as it was flying upside down. There were also pictures of the cruise missile launch. Rick loves the pictures but he isn’t sure if he can make a profit with them. The owner wants $550 and Rick says he’ll pay $200. Then the owner asks for $390 and eventually the two make a deal for $300.

A man then comes in with a Stanhope letter opener. The “Pawn Stars” staff loves this item. It’s a large letter opener with a small hole on the top. When you look into this tiny hole you can see a picture. Corey holds it to his eye and says he doesn’t see anything. Rick then looks in it and describes the picture. The picture is enlarged 4,000 times its size. The owner wants $250 for it but Rick says it’s damaged and offers $75. Then the man asks for $125 and Rick says he’ll go up to $100. The owner says it’s old and the Old Man said that just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s worth a lot of money. Everyone finally agrees to $100.

Rick and the Old Man are concerned about Corey’s eyesight because he couldn’t see the picture in the Stanhope letter opener. The Old Man says that his grandson is as blind as a bat. Corey agrees to go to an eye doctor.

At the eye doctor Corey learns that he has an astigmatism and needs glasses. He hates that he’ll have to go back to the shop and admit to his father and grandfather that he “can’t see crap.” His words.

A woman comes in with an antique pocket watch that she bought for $20 at a garage sale. It’s a William Ellery watch and Abe Lincoln had one just like this. The watch is engraved with a thank you note from a Civil War soldier thanking another soldier for saving his life at the battle of Cross Keys. Rick thinks this could be worth a lot of money so he calls in his expert, Mark, to take a look at it.

The watch is in great condition with no cracks in it. Mark also said that at the Battle of Cross Keys there were more Union soldiers fighting but the Union lost that battle. Mark says that the watch is legitimate.

The woman would like $2,000 but Rick offers her $700. Then the owner asks for $1,800 and Rick comes up to $1,000. The two agree to $1,300.

At the end of “Pawn Stars” Corey shows everyone the glasses that he’s borrowing and they all laugh at the way he looks. Rick calls it “dork city.”

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