‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Kick the Can’ Recap

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In this “Pawn Stars” episode, the staff has the opportunity to buy a 1995 Atlanta Braves World Series ring, a Sho-Bud steel guitar, and an oil can used for fueling a 19th century lighthouse lamp.

The first man who comes into the shop has three wooden duck decoys to sell. He believes that they might be valuable. Rick explains that the American Indians were the first people who started using wooden duck decoys. They were eventually designed by Ken Harris.

These decoys are damaged and aren’t in the best condition. Collectors want their decoys to be perfect. If they were in better condition they would be worth about $450.

Rick wants two of the three and offers the owner $150 for the two. The man then counters with $400 for all three. Eventually they agree on $385 for all of them.

The Old Man sees the duck decoys and starts to talk about the good old days when his father used to take him duck hunting. He, Rick, Corey, and Chum agree to shoot decoys together and the loser will buy everyone a duck dinner.

A man comes in with a 1995 Atlanta Braves World Series Staff ring. In that year the Braves beat Cleveland to win the Series. The name Turner is on the ring and everyone wonders if this ring was owned by the Brave’s owner Ted Turner.

The ring owner wants $13,000 for it, but Corey wants to get an expert in. The man doesn’t want to wait for the expert and Corey says if he can’t wait he can only offer the owner $4,000. The owner says he’ll wait for Jeremy, the expert.

Jeremy tells them that the Atlanta Braves is the oldest continually playing team in baseball and in 1995 they found life again by finally getting into and winning the World Series. The ring has a blue stone with little diamonds but it is not a staff ring. It’s a salesman’s sample ring and it didn’t belong to Ted Turner. Jeremy said that Ted Turner would never need to sell or pawn anything let alone a ring. It’s worth $2,000. Corey offers the owner $800. The owner calls Jeremy a “bozo” and leaves the shop.

The “Pawn Stars” staff next looks at an oil can that fueled a lighthouse in the 19th century. The Old Man never had one of these in the store so he offers the owner $1,000. This particular oil can is engraved and was made in Staten Island, New York. The owner would like $2,200 for it but comes down to $1,600. The Old Man comes up to $1,200 which the owner agrees to. The man tells the cameras that he paid $7.50 for it so he ended up making a great deal.

The men go out to shoot decoys. Corey and Chum bring shotguns to shoot the decoys which amazes Rick who says that people don’t need assault weapons to shoot decoys. The rule is that whoever can hit three decoys will win. The person who misses the most decoys will lose and have to buy the rest a duck dinner.

Chum, Corey, and the Old Man each hit one out of three decoys. Rick hits all three decoys and just to show off a bit hits another four decoys. Rick is the winner. The others all have to chip in and buy all four of them dinner. Chum and Corey refuse to do it because they say they hate eating duck. But Rick tells them that someone better buy him dinner.

Back at the shop a woman brings in a Sho-Bud pedal steel guitar. You hear these instruments played all the time in Country/Western music. The Old Man says that it’s a hard instrument to play and Corey says that only old men play it. The Old Man then tells Corey that it’s a real instrument.

The guitar is in good condition but Corey is concerned that no one plays it anymore and it might be hard to sell. He brings in expert Jesse to find out what the instrument is worth.

Jesse plays the instrument a little and says that the tone is very good and the slide works well. In his opinion the guitar is worth $2,500 – $3,300. It won’t be a quick and easy sale but it will sell.

The owner wants $2,500 for it and Corey says he’ll pay $1,200. The woman then asks for $1,800 and Corey counters with $1,500. No deal but Corey carries the guitar back to the woman’s car for her.

Dinner time and Rick wants his duck dinner. Once again Corey and Chum refuse to buy it but the “Pawn Stars” Old Man comes in carrying food telling them that he bought the duck dinners. As Corey and Chum go to leave Rick opens up his dinner and sees that it isn’t duck but chicken wings. Chicken wings! Corey and Chum like chicken wings so the four of them chow down and make short work of their meals.

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