‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Like a Rock’ Recap

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In this week’s first episode of “Pawn Stars,” Rick get the opportunity to buy a 1955 Chevy pickup, an 1871 Smith & Wesson revolver, and a 1950s admiral’s telephone from a US Navy ship.

The first person viewers see in the shop is a man who has a Flagship Admiral’s phone. This is a phone that admirals used to stay in communication with their crew. Of course the Old Man gets to look at it with Rick. Rick explains that there’s a huge market for something like this.

The owner wants $3,000 but the Old Man offers him $500. That’s not enough for the owner who then asks for $700. That’s too much for the Old Man who stays with his $500 offer. The owner tries to get them to come up to $600, but the Old Man is a tough cookie and doesn’t budge from his $500 offer. The owner agrees to sell it.

Next in the shop comes a man wanting to sell his three Wells Fargo belt buckles from Tiffany’s. Since the buckles were bought in Nevada, Rick thinks that if they aren’t fake they could be worth thousands of dollars. The owner pulls out a letter of authenticity from Tiffany’s saying that the buckles are theirs. But no one can fool Rick. He sees that they’re fake because of the logo on them. “But the letter?” asks the unhappy owner. Corey tells the man that the letter is fake as well. The owner leaves with nothing but a sad face.

Rick and Corey go out to the back to take a look at a first edition 1955 Chevy pick up truck that a man brought in. The owner explains that he bought it 46 years earlier. There are no air bags, no seat belts, and the condition isn’t great, but Rick wants it so he calls in his buddy, Danny, to look at it.

Danny likes the truck, a lot, and tells Rick that it’s well worth restoring. Danny then drives it for a while and says that it drives beautifully. The truck is worth about $6,500 in the condition it’s in. The owner says that’s way too low for him to sell but Rick offers him a lower amount, $5,000. The owner is shocked, “$5,000!” So Rick comes up to $6,500. The owner asks for $8,500 but Rick stays at $6,500. The owner left the “Pawn Stars” shop driving the truck. No deal was made.

Next Rick speaks with a man who has brought in casino gaming tokens. The man is the grandson of Howard Cannon, who was a US Senator from Nevada. The tokens are from different casinos and Chum is really interested in them.

The grandson wants $6,000 for them but not all the tokens are silver. For the non-silver tokens, Rick offers him $750. For the sterling silver tokens, Rick says he’ll pay $1,080 for those. He says he’ll give the man a total of $1,830 for all the tokens. The seller asks if Rick could go up to $2,000 but Rick only goes as high as $1,850 which the owner agrees to take.

Next the owner of an 1871 Smith & Wesson revolver comes in. Rick likes this gun because it’s easy to load, was sold for a good price in its day, and it’s a great gun for protection. This gun is standard issue for police departments. But Rick has a problem. He isn’t sure if the gun is really from 1871 and Rick, not being an arms dealer, cannot legally buy a gun that was made after the year 1898. He brings in an expert, Jemison, to look at it. Jemison likes the gun but says it’s a reissue from 1901. and it’s only valued at $50 – $150. Rick can’t legally buy it so it leaves the shop with the owner.

Meanwhile the Old Man loves the admiral’s phone and tells Travis that he wants him to get it working. Rick says that it should be sold but the Old Man wants to keep it.

Chum decides to play a little trick on the “Pawn Stars” Old Man and talks into the phone pretending that it’s working. Needless to say that the Old Man did not find this at all amusing.

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