‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Silver Linings’ Recap

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This week there was only one episode of “Pawn Stars” but it was a good one.

The first person in the shop is a man who has a stained glass depicting a picture of dogs playing poker. Everyone has seen paintings of something like this at one time or another. Some people have it in their homes for some unknown reason but most times you might see them in bars. This is picture is made out of stained glass.

Corey asked the seller how long it took to make it and the owner said four months. It was made specifically for his barber shop. Corey thinks that he might be able to sell it but the Old Man isn’t so sure. The glass is big and very fragile and he also adds, “There are a bunch of idiots working here.” The Old Man says it as he sees it.

The owner wants $5,000 for it but Corey offers $1,500. Then the seller comes down to $3,000 and Corey goes up to $1,700. The Old Man doesn’t want to buy it at all but the man agrees to Corey’s $1,700 offer.

Another man comes in with a very old hand-written book. Rick thinks it dates back to the 1500s or 1600s. Neither Rick nor the owner can figure out what language it was written in. Rick explains that back in the 1500s there weren’t many printing presses and in Europe literacy was very low.

The binding of the book is moldy and there’s no cover page at the start of the book which leads Rick to believe that there are missing pages as well.

The owner wants $500 but Rick wants to show it to an expert. The seller is in a rush and doesn’t want to wait for an expert to examine the book so he brings his selling price down to $300 but Rick won’t buy it for anything more than $250. The seller agrees to the $250.

Rick then takes the book to his friend Rebecca’s shop; she’s an expert in books. Rebecca takes a look at the book and tells Rick that the spacing in between the words are evenly spaced which makes her believe that the book was hand written but this book is a printed version of the original book. She also has no idea what language it’s written in and wants to take pictures of the book and send them to her friend back east who might have more answers.

Some days later Rebecca has heard from her friend about the book. The language it’s written in is Russian Church Slavonic and it’s from the early 1800s. The book has the followings of Saint John. Both Rebecca and Rick wonder about the monk who had to sit down and spend four months of his life getting hand cramps and going blind writing it. This book is worth $1,500 which is far more than the $250 that Rick spent for it.

Into the “Pawn Stars” shop next comes a man carrying a lot of silver; silver coins and blocks of silver. He explains that his father always told him how important it was to make good investments so 12 years earlier he bought all this silver. The seller says he has 3,000 ounces of pure silver.

Rick has to check how much silver is there and to also make sure that it’s pure with no copper in it. In order to do this Rick drills a hole into the middle of one of the silver bars to make sure that there’s no copper buried inside it. Then he take some of the silver shavings melts it down and puts some nitric acid on it. If the nitric acid turns creamy white then the silver is pure.

Not only is all the silver pure but there are 3,372 ounces of it. Silver is used for everything these days from cell phones to electronics and Rick wants to buy it. The Old Man loves silver for some reason and is thrilled to possibly get it all from the owner.

Rick tells the man that the silver is worth $110,901 but the owner wants $115,000, Rick says no because it isn’t worth that much. Then the seller asks Rick if the shop could hold on to the silver for six months or so until it’s worth $120,000. Rick says he owns a pawn shop and won’t just hold on to the silver. Rick then offers $111,000 but the owner wants $112,000. Both Rick and the Old Man say no. The owner eventually sells the silver for $111,000.

Next a man comes in with movie props from “Batman Forever.” He even has certificates of authenticity. He wants to sell the props for $6,000 but Corey offers him $2,000 instead. Then the seller asks for $4,000 and Corey comes up to $2,200. The man then asked for $3,000 and Corey says no. The man walked out with the props. Corey tells the cameras that he didn’t want to buy the props for so much money when the movies wasn’t even popular.

Meanwhile, the Old Man loves the silver they bought and was holding onto one of the silver bars which suddenly went missing. He asks everyone where the silver bar was and accused them all of taking it from him. Rick accuses his father of losing it.

A few days later Rick shows everyone the silver coins he made from the silver bar his dad grabbed. The silver coins were professionally made with a picture of the Old Man on it. It’s also engraved with the words, “In The Old Man We Trust.” Rick made 500 of them and they’ll be sold in the “Pawn Stars” shop for $60 each.

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