‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Stuff It’ Recap

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In a different kind of “Pawn Stars” episode, the staff considers buying a collectible Smith & Wesson gun, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books, and some taxidermy pieces.

The first person in the shop is a woman who wants to sell her Smith & Wesson 320 revolver. This gun is very rare because it was first a rifle. The stock was taken off and it was turned into a revolver. The woman bought it at a yard sale. The reason this gun is so rare is because it was designed poorly and was considered a big flop.

Rick points out to the owner that the gun is in very bad condition and he asked her where the stock was. She answered that she didn’t know that the stock belonged to the gun so she threw it out. Rick was shocked saying that the stock alone was worth upwards of $1,000. Rick then called in his expert, Craig, so he could find out more about this gun.

Craig explains that the gun was made between 1880 and 1890 and there were less than 1,000 made and this makes the revolver very rare. Craig also says the gun is in bad condition and he too asked where the stock was. The expert tells the woman who the stock alone was worth $5,000 – $6,000 but the way it is now the gun is worth between $800 – $1,000. The owner wanted $1,000 for it but Rick said he’d pay $800. The two spoke for a while and eventually agreed to $875.

A man comes in trying to sell his antique railroad inspection instruments from the 1800s. The owner explains that during the 1800s the railroad tracks had to constantly be checked for safety and his instruments were used for that. The man wanted $2,000 but Rick said that they weren’t collectible and offered the owner $50. The man said that they were historical and asked for $1,500. Rick didn’t want to pay that much and the man wanted more than $50 so no deal was made.

Rick tells Chum that he has to work the night shift with Olivia. Chum usually loves working with Olivia but he said he couldn’t because he had to take care of his neighbor’s cats. No one believes that but he said he couldn’t work so Rick tells Corey that he’ll have to work that night. Corey is far from happy.

That night a woman comes into the “Pawn Stars” shop with taxidermy pieces; a grand turkey, an African animal called a red hartebeest, and some kind of strange looking thing. It turns out the third item is the butt of a deer, turned upside down, with a nose sculptured on it so it looks like a face of some odd creature.

Olivia asks the woman how she stuffs the animals and she explains how she cuts the skin off, takes all the insides out, and then puts lots of wires in and around the animal. Oliva didn’t look well after hearing all of that.

The woman wants $400 for the turkey, $600 for the hartebeest, and $250 for the deer butt. Corey is only interested in the deer butt and says he’ll give her $100 for it. The owner asks for $230 and the two agree on $150.

A man comes into the shop with 50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic books. These comic books were written for adults and are much more violent than the Ninja Turtles that was on the kids’ television show. Chumlee explains to the Old Man that the turtles were mutated into fighters while they were living in the sewers of New York City. The owner wanted $1,000 but Chum said that he wanted to ask his expert, Johnny, about the comics.

Johnny says that the turtles were part of pop culture during the 1980s and that only 3,000 of these comics were produced. But the worth of the comics that the owner wanted to sell was only $300 – $400. Chum offers the man $100 which was too low so no deal was made.

Meanwhile the Old Man hates the deer butt that Corey and Olivia bought so Corey plans to tease his grandfather. The “Pawn Stars” Old Man wanted Corey to get rid of it and Corey said he did. But instead, he put it near his grandfather’s desk so the Old Man would get a good view of it.

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