‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Three Hour Tour’ Recap

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It’s a good thing that viewers remembered that Pawn Stars went on two hours earlier than usual because this week’s episodes were pretty interesting.

The show starts with a woman coming into the shop with an 1875 one dollar bill and an 1883 five dollar bill. She got the bills from her grandmother who was the grand-daughter of the Treasurer of the US. She’d like between $27,000-$29,000 for the dollar bill and $16,000 for the five dollar bill. Well, Corey is far from happy when he hears that and takes a look at the bills.

The dollar bill has little holes in them and the woman said that happened when she put the bill on her bulletin board when she was younger. Those holes might depreciate the value of the bill though. But that bill is very rare. The serial number is number 1. Corey also likes both bills because they’re so different from the bills we have now. First of all they’re much larger and there’s printing of pictures on them.

The woman also went to the trouble of having the bills graded so Corey won’t have to do that. They’re graded as “new” and “very fine.” The seller wants $45,000 for both but Corey is going to call in an expert, Jay, to look at the them.

Jay loves the bills and say that they are an iconic piece of history but he also notices the holes in the one dollar bill but that serial number of number 1 makes it valuable just not as valuable as the seller thinks it is. If sold retail, the bill would go for anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000. That’s much lower than the $29,000 the woman wanted and she is very upset. Corey offers her $16,500 for both bills. The woman refuses that offer. Then Corey said he’ll give her $4,000 for the five dollar bill. After thinking for a few seconds she agrees to that.

Next coming into the shop is a man with a toy cannon dated from 1907. It’s called a Big Bang Cannon and it was toy that kids played with over a hundred years ago. The toy was considered a legal alternative to firecrackers. Some kind of gun powder was put in the cannon which was then mixed with water. Then the trigger was pulled and the cannon would make a loud noise as it exploded. Kids love loud noises and this toy was very popular. The only thing is that Rick thinks the toy dates back to the 1950s. Rick won’t pay the seller the $300 he wants until his expert, Johnny, looks at it.

Johnny likes the cannon and says that it’s cast iron and American made. Kids loved the cannon because of the loud bang it made and the huge flash that came out of it as it went off. Johnny also said that the cannon is supposed to be safe but he and Rick gave each other a strange look. Rick mumbled something about gun powder not being safe.

Johnny tells them that the cannon is still being produced and this specific cannon looks like it was made in the 1970s or 1980s and it’s worth $100. Rick offers the seller $50 for it. The man asks for $120 and Rick stays with $50. The seller then asks for $80 and Rick stays at $50 which the seller finally agrees to take.

A man with a paperweight made from the ballast tank of the U-68 comes into the “Pawn Stars” shop. The U-68 was Germany’s most feared WWII submarine and sunk many allied ships. Eventually the submarine was sunk by the USS Guadalcanal in 1944.

The man asks Rick and the Old Man for $3,000 and Rick counters with $1,000. Then the owner asked for $1,500 and Rick says he’ll buy it for $1,200. Then the seller asked for $1,300. After a few moments of silence the Old Man tells Rick to go for it and the deal was made.

The last person coming into the shop is a woman with coconut mugs from the television show, “Gilligan’s Island.” Her dad was in charge of special effects for the program. She explained that at first they tried to use real coconuts for mugs but they leaked so real mugs had to be made.

Chumlee never saw “Gilligan’s Island” so Rick explained how the group went out for a three-hour tour and ended up being stranded on an island. Rick wonders, like so many others, why the castaways brought all those clothes for a three-hour tour. The real question is how Chum never saw “Gilligan’s Island.” The man must live on his own island.

The seller would like $500 for each mug. Rick said that the mugs will be hard to sell and offers her $500 for both. The owner then asks for $800 for both and Rick offers $550. The seller then asks for $600 but Rick stays with $550 but eventually the two agree to $575 for both mugs.

Pawn Stars ends with Chum, Corey, and the Old Man sneaking outside because they want to fire the Big Bang toy cannon. Rick specifically told them to stay away from it but who listens to Rick? Certainly not the Old Man. They shoot the cannon which is very loud and Rick hears it. He comes out and tries to lecture the group but then decides that he wants to shoot the cannon too. Men will be boys.

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