‘Pawn Stars’ ‘To The Moon’ Recap

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In this episode of “Pawn Stars” the younger generation learns all about comedy legend Jackie Gleason.

A customer comes into the shop wanting to sell a 1978 Lincoln Continental car specially ordered for Jackie Gleason. “Who’s Jackie Gleason?” asks Chumlee.

The owner has paperwork proving that Gleason did own this car. He even has a video of the comedian getting out of it.

Rick tells the viewers that Gleason had a good career as an actor and comedian but the part of Ralph Kramden in the television show, “The Honeymooners,” made him a Hollywood legend.

While looking at the car Rick notices that it’s been repainted and that there’s no odor of cigar smoke in it even though Gleason was a cigar smoker. The owner says that there are cigar burns on the arm rest. The car also has the original antenna. The owner wants $35,000 for it but Rick isn’t sure what it’s worth so he calls in his expert, Danny.

Danny says the car is a top of the line 1970s limo that has “pimp” written all over it. He also notices that there’s some bubbles in the paint and there’s some rust issues.

Danny, Rick, and Chum take it out for a spin. Danny says that the car floats down the road like it’s on a cloud. Chumlee is sitting in the back commenting that he feels like a king.

Expert Danny says that there doesn’t seem to be any mechanical issues with it but passes when Rick asks him what the car is worth. Danny said that it would cost about $10,000 to repaint it, get rid of the rust, and take care of the cosmetic issues. He loves the car but it isn’t worth spending a lot of money to fix it up. Rick said that if Danny tells him to pass on the car he will. There’s too much risk.

Another customer comes into the shop with a silver Mount Rushmore plaque. Viewers find out that it took 14 years to complete Mount Rushmore. The plaque is made of 30.8 ounces of silver and is worth $1,000 as scrap metal. The owner wants $1,000 for it but the Old Man counters with $800. Rick then offers $900 and the owner asks for $950. Rick agrees. The Old Man is not thrilled.

All the Old Man wants to do is scrap the plaque for the worth of the silver but Rick wants to try to sell it. He’s sure they can make a better profit if they find a collector to buy it.

Next the “Pawn Stars” look at a 1967 football that a man has brought in. This football is from the very first Super Bowl game: the Chiefs against the Green Bay Packers. All the players signed the football including the coach of all coaches, Vince Lombardi. Rick says that this first game started the national holiday of Super Bowl Sunday.

The owner wants $3,000 for the football but Rick needs an expert to take a look at it.

Jeremy, the expert, comes in to evaluate the football. He tells them that nine of the players that signed the ball ended up in the Hall of Fame. If this ball is the real deal it’s worth $10,000. The owner nearly faints on the spot. But it isn’t the ball from the 1967 Super Bowl. There are some signatures on the ball from players that didn’t play in the 1967 game but in the 1968 game. The ball is also missing signatures from players who were a part of the first Super Bowl. Jeremy says the ball is worth $800.

Rick needs to call in an expert to see if the signatures are real. The owner is a tad upset at this point. His $10,000 ball dropped in price to $800 and now it might not be worth anything if the signatures are fake.

Drew, the signature expert, takes a look at the football and finds it suspicious. The fading is too even, all the signatures are readable, and with so many names if people did sign it the signatures would overlap. All the names are too neat. Drew says that the signatures are real but they were stamped on to the ball, not signed by the players. It was done by a machine.

Rick offers the owner $100 for it and the offer is taken.

Another customer comes into the shop trying to sell his toy 1960s Disneyland monorail set. The Old Man loves toys so he looks at it with Corey. The owner wants $600 for it but Corey will give him $100 for it. The owner said that it sells online for $500 but Corey counter offers with $300. This is too low for the seller who now asks for $350 but Corey sticks with $300. No deal.

“Pawn Stars” ends with the Old Man looking at all the scrap silver he has. The Mount Rushmore plaque is there. Rick takes the plaque back and says he wants to sell it. This argument between the two might be going on for some time.

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