‘Pawn Stars’ ‘Trigger Happy’ Recap

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A rare three-trigger shot gun ends up in the “Pawn Stars” shop along with a movie camera that was used during WWII in this episode.

The first person viewers meet is a man who comes in with a 35 mm documentary movie camera. Rick asks Hoss what he thinks of it but the son is far from impressed. He says a cell phone can do the same thing that the camera can do. But Rick gives everyone some history about it.

The camera was used during WWII to film documentaries about the war. The camera has to be cranked up for it to work and Rick said he would love to have had a job filming the war. He likes the idea of popping his head up to film the fighting hoping that he has a head left after the battle. Rick also said that there is a market for it.

The owner wants $2,000 but Rick doesn’t think it’s worth more than $800. Then the owner asks for $1,600 but they both agree to $1,000.

The next man fans see comes in with a Stevens Three-Trigger shot gun. Corey sees that it has sections that are hand engraved and mentions that Wyatt Earp had a gun just like it. The gun is about 150 years old and is made from Damascus steel. Corey hasn’t seen a gun like this before. The owner wants $100,000 for it, but Corey isn’t sure if the gun is worth that price so he calls in Jamison, an expert.

Jamison says that this is the rarest shot gun he’s even seen. It was used for hunting, uses a standard hammer, but it was repaired at one time so it isn’t in mint condition. Even though the gun is rare Jamison says it’s worth maybe $2,000. If it was in mint condition the worth would be between $7,000 to $10,000.

The owner wanted $10,000 for it but Corey said he’ll pay $500 for it. No deal was made.

The next item the “Pawn Stars” look at is a 1962 Mercedes-Benz. Rick, Corey, and Chum go out back to look at the car. Rick said that the wheels look like they’re 25 inches, but in reality they’re 19 inches. The owner has done a lot to the car including putting in air bags but the interior needs more work. It has 84,000 miles on it and has hydraulics that can make the car go up and down. Rick likes this Benz but notes that collectors want restored cars but not cars that can do tricks.

The owner wants $36,000 for it but Rick is going to call in Danny, his expert.

Danny looked at it and said that he thought he would hate it but instead he thinks that it’s a beautiful automobile. He explained that it was used for transportation and was a mom’s Mercedes.

They take it out for a spin and Danny loves the way it rides. When asked how much he think’s it’s worth, Danny said that it’s worth whatever someone will pay.

Rick offers the owner $20,000 but the owner wants $28,000. Rick’s next offer remains at $20,000 but the owner won’t sell it at that price. No deal.

It’s been a long day for the day shift but night shift worker, Olivia, is bored with Chum back working days instead of being with her on nights.

A man, Craig, taps on the door with an Abraham Lincoln Presidential Campaign coin. Fellow night shift worker, Rocco, lets Craig in and they take a look at the coin. It’s from 1864 and it’s what Lincoln passed out to people during his campaign. Craig wants $1,500 for it but this is beyond Olivia and Rocco’s expertise so they wake up Rick and ask him to come to the shop.

Craig says he took it to a coin dealer who told him that it was rare but Rick says it’s in bad condition and some of the detail has been worn off. Craig still wants $1,500 for it but Rick offers $300. No deal.

When Craig leaves Rick decides to stay at the shop since he’d have to come back soon. He and Olivia sit in the store, drinking coffee and the “Pawn Stars” star looks at Olivia and tells her that he forgot how boring the night shift is.

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